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Spousal Maintenance


What is Spousal Maintenance?

Spousal Maintenance is financial support paid by one party to the other. It is separate to Child Support which is financial support for children.
Whether a party is entitled to receive Spousal Maintenance depends upon a party’s need for maintenance and the other party’s capacity to pay maintenance.

Spousal Maintenance can be paid for a limited time frame until a property settlement matter is determined or it can be paid long term.
Whatever your situation I can advise you whether you are entitled to Spousal Maintenance or whether you are at risk of having to pay Spousal Maintenance in the future.


Financial Agreements limited to Spousal Maintenance

In some circumstances it may be in your best interests to enter into a Financial Agreement limited to Spousal Maintenance to try and finalise Spousal Maintenance on the basis that neither party pays Spousal Maintenance to the other.

Often Family Lawyers will advise you to enter into a Financial Agreement limited to Spousal Maintenance as part of an all-in deal to finalise all financial matters between you.

I will advise you whether a Financial Agreement limited to Spousal Maintenance is an option for you to minimise ongoing risk to you. I can also advise you if you should refrain from entering into a Financial Agreement if it is not in your long terms interests to do so.

I can negotiate the terms of a Spousal Maintenance Agreement and prepare the Agreement for you.



If your former spouse or partner has denied you access to finances after separation, you are unable to pay for accommodation, or you are not employed or have a limited income it may be necessary to apply to the Court urgently for Spousal Maintenance. Whatever the situation I can act swiftly to apply to the Court for Spousal Maintenance on your behalf.

If you are served with urgent court documents seeking that you pay Spousal Maintenance I can assist you to resolve Spousal Maintenance and defend the application.

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