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What is a Divorce?

In Australia the Family Law Courts grant a Divorce Order ending your marriage. You will receive a Certificate of Divorce from the Courts as evidence you are divorced.

The Divorce process is separate to your property settlement.


When can I get a Divorce?

You can apply to the Family Law Courts for a Divorce once you have been separated from your spouse for 12 months. If you have lived under the same roof whilst you were separated you may need to put additional evidence to the Court before the Court will grant your divorce.
If you do not know where your former spouse is or there is special or unusual circumstances in your matter I can assist you to obtain your Divorce.

Whatever your situation I can advise you as to your options to obtain a Divorce that is most cost effective to you.


Should I get my Divorce?

Before you apply to the Family Law Courts for a Divorce you should obtain legal advice. Once your Divorce has been granted you have 12 months to apply to the Family Law Courts for property settlement.

I will advise you whether it is in your best interests to apply for your Divorce as soon as you are able to or whether it is best to wait until your property settlement matter has resolved.

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Obtain Advice Early and Begin Your New Life

Separation can be one of the most difficult times in your life. Not knowing what your life might look like in the future can be daunting. Obtaining advice early can help you feel empowered about the Family Law process and optimistic about your future.